Green Line – Industrial Laundry Machines



UCI’s youngest main line has been established for nearly 25 years now. Although not UCI’s largest line, it has a solid reputation in supplying the most innovative, highly advanced laundry machinery with award-winning eco-friendly & energy efficient systems & programs coupled with heavy-duty engineering which guarantees continuous un-interrupted service for years on end. In cooperation with its overseas partners & engineers, UCI furnishes its clients with:

UCI-ICON Design & technical layouts

UCI-ICON Consultancy services, BOQ & project budget estimates

UCI-ICON Staffing and operation plans & organizations

UCI-ICON High and low spin electrical, steam & gas powered washer-extractors

UCI-ICON Electrical, steam & gas powered dryers & hydro-extractors

UCI-ICON Roller & drying ironers

UCI-ICON Presses, form finishers, ironing & spotting tables

UCI-ICON Linen distribution trolleys & sorting bins